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IB English Private and Online Tutoring

Why is IB English so difficult?

IB English is a struggle because academic English as a subject is very challenging. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the increased difficulty in the transition from MYP—or other early secondary school programs such as the IGCSE—to IBDP English. Learners struggle to independently write well-structured essays to time and are unable to analyse the texts they are reading in sufficient detail—and vitally, in their sociopolitical context—to get a 7. Working with IB English tutors early on in the program can allow learners to develop these important skills and content awareness.

Furthermore, many IB English students do not realise the importance of the Individual Oral (IO) and deliver a presentation that is unpolished and unrehearsed. All IB English assessments should be treated as a formal examination and the register of language used in speech or in writing should reflect that. Learners also struggle because they rarely have opportunities to receive formal feedback from teachers or IB English tutors before they must submit major assessments. Thus, they are unable to properly address their weaknesses and score top marks.

BartyED’s IB English tutors have frequently seen how these issues may debilitate learners. Our team of diligent and highly-qualified IB English tutors is dedicated to helping students navigate all these issues through one-on-one IB English classes tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Boost your score with BartyED’s expert IB English Tutors

BartyED’s IB English tutors are experienced at helping IB candidates secure 7s in IB English Literature and Language & Literature for the Diploma Programme. All of our IB English tutors are IB alumni who have earned top marks for both themselves and their tutees. Our tutors have a secure, up-to-date grasp of the issues current IB English learners face, and always use the most relevant materials and modeled structures to secure academic success in IB English.

Our IB English Tutoring Process

Consolidate unseen reading skills

BartyED’s IB English tutors begin with teaching guided unseen reading skills. Not only is this essential for IB English Paper 1 preparation for the Literature course, but it also builds a foundation of critical and analytical skills, allowing students to engage with broader aspects of the IB as well.

Customised writing programmes

Our IB English tutors implement our innovative one-to-one writing programmes. They are designed to instruct the art of writing persuasively and in a formal register, strengthening candidates’ ability to produce logically ordered, analytical paragraphs. This is crucial for a high score on the IB Diploma in English.

Deep awareness of the curriculum

Whether providing guidance through IB English exam past papers or close support for an assessment, BartyED’s IB English tutors recognise the importance of acquainting students with the objective checklist for success, the syllabus, and the set of expectations established in the IB Diploma Programme. Most important, we condense all of these abstract ideas and lay out a clear path to success.

In the past, BartyED’s English tutors have helped many earn 7s in IB English and full marks in the IB Diploma. After studying with our tutors, many have gone on to perform well at Ivy League and Oxbridge universities. Our track record allows us to say with confidence that the BartyED way is the surefire method for academic success, providing unparalleled IB English tutoring and comprehensive support.

For more information about our IB English tutors, contact us today by email or by phone (2799 6438).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between IB English Literature and Language and Literature?

IB English Literature focuses more on poetry and prose and teaches nine to thirteen literary works. IB English Language & Literature has a less demanding reading list with four to six works, some literary and some non-literary. Learners may even study alternative texts such as advertisements and films. Whichever route you take, the IB English curriculum will allow you to strengthen the critical process by which you analyse and judge texts by learning about literary form and techniques, the relationship between text and context and studying the development of the English language.

Our IB English tutors will help nurture these skills for excellence in IB English. For more information, check the IBO's website.

Is IB English Literature more difficult than IB English Language and Literature?

Yes, IB English Literature has a broader, more demanding workload, especially when it comes to classics, which are a challenge even in university (e.g. John Milton). For those who are not keen on English in general, our IB English tutors recommend taking IB English Language and Literature, as the workload is not as intense and the work is more relatable to daily life.

What are the assessments in IB English?

It differs depending on the HL or SL curriculum, and whether it is English Literature or English Language and Literature. However, the IBO’s assessment modes consistently build upon testing the ability to engage in close analysis of literary works through a combination of formal examination and oral/written coursework.

What are some key skills for success in IB English?

BartyED’s IB English tutors train critical reading skills, which is crucial for top marks in IB English. Learners need to feel comfortable forming an opinion about a text and tying it into cultural contexts. Beyond that, they need the classical skills of good writing, including confidence in claims, counterclaims, and evaluation of prompts such as “to what extent…?”

If you want to get a better idea of how we would approach training your child for IB English success, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our IB English tutors at enquiries@bartyed.com.




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